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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Proof the Law of Attraction works!

Beach in Mallorca

I haven’t had a “proper holiday” for a couple of years now and many a time have remarked how I’d love to be teleported to a quiet beach somewhere hot. This thought took root in my head and I often daydreamed I was there, relaxing in the warm sun, hearing the waves gently lap on the beach.

I always imagined the beach would be in Greece, where I used to live, as I have lots of friends and family there.

Part of the way the LOA works is that you mustn’t be attached to HOW your desire manifests. You  put out the intention and hand it over to the Universe.

I am so excited about what has happened! My friend  Janette Young, of Knowledge Futures, has invited me to run a two-day workshop with her in…Mallorca!

Janette is a friend of mine from Northumberland where I live and I am so excited to be involved in this!

It’s going to be two days of relaxation, reflection and fun, an opportunity to take time out from all the distractions of your everyday life. Just click here to see more details.

And I can’t wait to test out the Mallorcan beaches and see how they compare with the ones I know in Greece!


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