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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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What’s holding you back? Do you often feel that you get just so far with a new project or a great new idea, and then something stops you? It could be you just holding back from an unknown step because you feel unsure, or it may be too much of a stretch. You’d like to push through it and just DO it, like the ad says, but something stops you. In meditation the other day I was focusing on helping that scared little “I’m-not-good-enough-Aline” to feel the love and be able to step into her strength and power. I waited, arms open wide, for her to make the move. It occurred... (Read More ...)

A couple of months ago I was helping a friend with an online event by interviewing speakers. Most of them were people from the world of personal development I had already interviewed as part of my summits, but I also volunteered to contact and interview some of the other names on the list as this was to be a very big event, with over 100 speakers. So I messaged this guy called Brian Ridgway of Level 5 Mentoring and I checked out a couple of the videos on his G+ page. I was hooked. Here was such a refreshingly authentic person speaking so passionately and articulately about what he sees as... (Read More ...)

Do you ever have the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Despite your best efforts to manage your time effectively, you just can’t seem to get everything done? We live in a very speedy, deadline-oriented society. It’s even reflected in our language, “Time is of the Essence”; “Time and Tide wait for no man” (or woman!). You’re constantly being bombarded by messages, some subliminal, others not so subtle, to get more done, reach greater levels of achievement, pack even more into your already bursting-at-the-seams day. And then you... (Read More ...)

When you begin this process of change and personal transformation, it’s usually accompanied by feelings of excitement and the anticipation of possibilities opening up ahead. There are often feelings of apprehension too, which I can assure you are perfectly normal as you start to push out of your comfort zone. By that I don’t mean your favourite comfy spot on the sofa, feet up, watching the box, although that is often how it appears in your daily life. If you feel stuck in that rut, it does take commitment to change and move into realising your full potential. So it can be disheartening... (Read More ...)

Step Four of the Five Steps to Aligning With Your Purpose is “Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs and Blocks”  It’s what happens when you start making changes in your life, changing long-standing habits and behaviours. You     begin to push out of your comfort zone and you can feel things shifting, when BAM! Something stops you in your tracks and you get stuck. I was talking to a friend of mine who was determined to make quite a major career change. She’d been a teacher for   many years, yet felt called to help others on a more personal basis, working one to one.... (Read More ...)