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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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A couple of friends of mine have recently stepped up to a friendly (?) challenge and committed to making a short video every day for 30 days. One did it as an inspirational daily message, another to express his thoughts about experiencing depression and how to move through it. I had all sorts of reasons why this wouldn’t be a great thing for me to do: What was I going to talk about for 30 days? My PC is so slow these days… It’s hard to find quiet time every day etcetera, etcetera I realised with a shock that I was piling on excuse after excuse and I had to stop and ask why? What... (Read More ...)

Susan Westbrook, the author of this amazing book, has set the intention to sell 1,000 copies on April 1st! She needs to do this to make space in the warehouse for her next book!Can you help? Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop: Tone Your Body and Transform Your Life The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop is a wonderful way to put Step Five of the Five Steps to Aligning with Your Purpose into action! You will learn a daily practice which will help you begin your day in a focused way through meditation and a series of five yoga-like postures. There are many more benefits too as you contemplate a series of grasping... (Read More ...)

We meditate. What’s more, we meditate daily, usually first thing in the morning and our meditation forms part of a daily practice. Meditation isn’t a newly discovered technique, although it’s fair to say it has recently undergone a massive revival and renewal of interest. There have been so many studies which have documented the benefits, I won’t go into them here – there’s a really great infographic by Emma Seppala PhD you can download from the resources section of this site which goes into the benefits in detail.   But today I wanted to focus more on... (Read More ...)

Did you know that you talk to yourself all day long?  No, not the mental chatter about activities and chores that you need to remember throughout the day.  That’s a form of self-talk too, but I’m referring more to the things you say to yourself on a regular basis; and more importantly, the tone in which you say them.   When you make a mistake, do you berate yourself angrily?  Do you put yourself down or call yourself derogatory names?  When you have a hard time making positive changes in your life, do you bemoan what a “worthless” person you are and conclude that you’ll never... (Read More ...)