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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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  Who, me? Oh no! Not me! I’m not addicted – I don’t do drugs, I’m not an alcoholic… Depending on your definition of addiction, you could argue that many of us in the modern world are addicted to something, whether that is technology, shopping, food, alcohol, drugs…the list goes on. The truth is it’s a fine line between a desire for something and a growing dependence on it, which can lead to increased tolerance and eventually addiction. Take chocolate. Now and then a little does no harm. It makes you feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? But... (Read More ...)

How heavy and dense is your world? Do you have days when you feel slow and lethargic? By connecting with your Higher Self or inner guidance, you can begin to access higher realms of consciousness which feel lighter, more buoyant, more joyful. So why are so many of you stuck in lower dimensional frequencies? In the following article by Susan, creator of SpiritualUnite.com, you will find answers to these questions…and more questions! The Incredible Joy of Multidimensionality People are waking up and getting to know that we are multidimensional beings. But in the beginning at least, the higher... (Read More ...)

Can I ask you a personal question? Are you happy? Do you personally know five people you can honestly describe as happy? Most of us can’t. If you ask people what they’d like to have more of in their life, most will include being happy in their list. So why is happiness so elusive? What if you could push a button and be happy? How many times a day would you push it? In a tongue-in-cheek article entitled “Happiness Button, Scott Adams hypothesises about how society would work if we all had a happiness button, which could only be pushed by other people! The conclusion the inimitable Dilbert... (Read More ...)

“Get out of my space!” The angry voice turned all heads in the coffee shop. It came from  a visibly upset woman, who was backing away from the young man with her. His hands were held up and back, as if to say, “Okay, okay, I’m backing off.” They both looked more than a little embarrassed at the attention they were getting, and the woman left quickly. A minor incident, but one most of you have experienced at some point in your lives. You all have a sense of your own personal space and when someone invades what you consider to be private to you, you feel at best uncomfortable... (Read More ...)

Would you like to feel happier in your daily life? Are you worn down by the daily cycle of get up, go to work, come home, eat and sleep? Are you feeling anxious about financial issues? (You’re not alone if you answer yes!) “Surely life wasn’t meant to be this difficult!” exclaimed my friend Anne after she had told me about her struggle to pay the bills, feed her family and support her elderly parents. Anne is a teacher who has worked full time all her life, apart from when she had her children. “I’m just exhausted” she told me. “My mind is so full... (Read More ...)

For a long time, meditation was considered to be a bit “out there” – something your hippy friends who’d travelled to India in the 60s and 70s practised, in an attempt to achieve higher states of consciousness. It just wasn’t something ordinary folk indulged in. When would you find the time and quiet space for starters?! But over the past few decades, it has become much more widely accepted and one thing that is pretty consistent is the consensus about its benefits. If you were to ask a random poll of citizens of any country in the Western world what were the benefits... (Read More ...)

Step One: Go Within and Connect With Your Higher Self. There is a reason this is Step One. It really is the basis, the beginning of any kind of personal development or self growth work. Once you accept the idea that all the answers you are seeking already lie inside you and it is time to stop expecting outside forces (other people, the government) to fix you, you have taken a massive step along your path to greater clarity. Your job is to develop your trust in yourself and your intuition – that “gut feeling” or the butterflies in your tummy that tell you something is right or wrong for you.... (Read More ...)