Would you like to feel happier in your daily life? Are you worn down by the daily cycle of get up, go to work, come home, eat and sleep? Are you feeling anxious about financial issues? (You’re not alone if you answer yes!)

“Surely life wasn’t meant to be this difficult!” exclaimed my friend Anne after she had told me about her struggle to pay the bills, feed her family and support her elderly parents.
Anne is a teacher who has worked full time all her life, apart from when she had her children.

“I’m just exhausted” she told me. “My mind is so full of worry and stress about being able to afford the basics for the family, I can’t see a way out.”

Anne is not alone in feeling like this. The current state of the economy has many people in a permanent state of fear. Jobs are difficult to come by, and the prevailing opinion is that if you’re lucky enough to have a job, then you should hang on to it no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the job is sucking the life out of you, it pays the bills right?

It may pay the bills, but in response to Anne’s frustrated exclamation, I invite you to consider the possibility that no, life wasn’t meant to be this difficult.

Think of it like this. If everyone spent their days doing what they loved, in service to others, what would that look like?

Studies have shown that people who are happy in their work are more productive and less likely to call in sick. It creates win-win situations all round.

Many of you have become aware that there is a shift going on. Have you felt it? A growing awareness that things can change, they don’t have to continue as they always have done.

More and more people are waking up to the possibility of a new world, one where we live in harmony with one another, instead of in conflict. Where the buzz word is collaboration, not competition.

So, how can you have this life? Where do you start?

All of the information coming through to us at the moment focuses on each individual finding his or her own path. Trying to change other people and how they think is a waste of time – history has taught us that, over and over again.

True change has to begin with each of you, with your relationship with yourself and with the discovery of your purpose.

You have a true life purpose, the reason you are here, on this planet, at this time.

When you live your life aligned with your purpose, you experience wonderful feelings of connection, joy, and the deep fulfilment of truly being of service to others.

The problem is that awareness of our purpose is very often hidden away under layers of negative experiences and limiting beliefs about ourselves that keep us from hearing and following the inspiration of our hearts.

The first step to becoming clear about your life purpose, is to:

Go Within & Connect With Your Higher Self“.

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