Here we are almost halfway through January. How are your 2014 resolutions/goals/intentions shaping up?

Not so well, huh? Isn’t it about time someone told the truth about New Year’s Resolutions? Here it is: they do not work.

Here are three reasons why:

First, you overspend in December.

Second, you overeat and drink for the entire holiday period.

Third, you do both the above to excess on 31st December. Result = New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st.

What’s wrong with that you say? What’s wrong is that these decisions come from guilt, fear and shame. So you run to the nearest guru for a quick fix of self-improvement, spending more money you haven’t got, only to abandon the magical course two weeks down the line. If any of this feels uncomfortably familiar, take heart, you are not alone!

chrysalis transforms into butterfly

The desire for change and novelty is a basic impulse, (see butterfly above) but it doesn’t have to be done only once a year.  Any resolution, goal or intention is the next step forward in your journey of transformation, whether that’s in your business, your relationships, your health or your finances. (Or from chrysalis to butterfly as the case may be.) The thing is to keep moving. There is power in momentum.

Here are some not-so-well-known (yet!) individuals who have fun new ways of approaching change and maintaining the momentum.

Dr. Erica Goodstone shares a very clear overview of the whole “New Year – New Beginning” phenomenon in her article, Start Strong, Stay Strong; Loving Your Dreams and Intentions. She points out that your relationship to your goals is just as important as your relationship to anything else in your life.

Jess Carlson has a quirky style and a brilliant list of 14 Things to do to make 2014 Amazing. I particularly like #5 “Be the Bouncer in your Life” – it reminds us of the importance of the company we choose to keep.

Erica Mathews focuses on the importance of absolute clarity to propel you forward.



Nicole Feliciano, founder of, has put together a bunch of great tools to help you stay on track with what you decide on for this year’s goals.



And finally my friend and colleague Paul Teague has a great list of tools focused on time management. Paul is incredibly thorough in his approach and tests everything he recommends, so if overwhelm is your problem I wholeheartedly suggest you save yourself some time and check out his post.

Step Three of the Five Steps to Aligning With Your Purpose is “Believe Change is Possible; Allow Yourself to Dream”  By this point in January, statistically three out of every ten of us have already given up on this year’s New Year’s Resolutions! So do yourself a favour and move away from the doomed January 1st tradition.

What’s your take on Resolutions? Do you make them? Hate them? Keep them?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.



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