I hope you will all forgive me for adapting Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quotation in my title today. What he actually said was,

                “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.



Quite a tall order. Isn’t it up to somebody else to change the world? Like the people in charge? Or someone who is paid to do it? If that was your immediate reaction, then you are not alone. Most people would love to have the life of their dreams, without putting in the work to achieve the results they desire.


If only you could order your dream life by clicking a link on a web-page which would suddenly transform everything around you! Well, maybe some time in the future, but for now, a fundamental step to begin the process of change, is to take 100% responsibility for your life.


Jack Canfield, a man I admire greatly,  teaches this as the first of his “Success Principles“. Here are some things he has said recently on the subject:

“What if everyone in your family gave up complaining, took full responsibility
for themselves and their lives and started creating the life of their dreams?”

“Imagine a world where everyone would take 100% responsibility for their lives
and the results they produce or don’t produce.”

“The greatest contribution you can make to the world is to grow in self-awareness,
self-realization and the power to manifest your own heartfelt dreams and desires.”

You can read the complete article here:

Facilitate Change by Empowering Others

So, the next time you find yourself thinking, “Why doesn’t someone do something about that?!” Ask yourself,What can I do about it?” As you change the way you perceive the world, you will see so many more possibilities!

You can read more of Jack’s wisdom in his best-selling book,

The Success Principles, How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.”


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