When you begin this process of change and personal transformation, it’s usually accompanied by feelings of excitement and the anticipation of possibilities opening up ahead. There are often feelings of apprehension too, which I can assure you are perfectly normal as you start to push out of your comfort zone. By that I don’t mean your favourite comfy spot on the sofa, feet up, watching the box, although that is often how it appears in your daily life.

If you feel stuck in that rut, it does take commitment to change and move into realising your full potential. So it can be disheartening when you  keep getting stuck and feel unable to make progress.

The process of change and transformation is just that – a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, so any tools you can find to help you along the way are well worth looking at.

Later today there is a free SIX HOUR event hosted by John Assaraf of Praxis Now. Read what John has to say about this below, where you can also register for the event.


John Assaraf   Praxis Now

John Assaraf
Praxis Now

Do you ever feel like there’s an invisible barrier preventing you from reaching your lifestyle goals?

Well, the world’s top neuroscientists and brain experts say … you’re right!

You see, your brain is split into two parts: Your rational logical mind and your implicit emotional brain… and the emotional brain is the larger and far more powerful of the two!

If your emotional desires, beliefs and values don’t align with your rational mind’s goals … the two parts of your mind will constantly be fighting each other and undermining your ability to succeed at anything, especially your lifestyle goals.

Scientists now know that you will NEVER outperform your own internal hidden limiting self-image. Your current results are nothing more than old neural patterns, beliefs, perceptions and habits that you’ve accumulated over your life that drives all your thoughts and actions.

But brain scan studies have PROVEN something really exciting…

You can re-wire and re-train the key areas in your brain that control your conscious thoughts AND subconscious feelings and emotions that influence every decision and action you take.

This requires applying the right brain-training methodologies and technologies in the right way… so you can replace limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck.

And that’s precisely what 5 of the top neuroscientists and brain experts are teaming up to help you do during a historic virtual event later today, Saturday November 9th…

Join John Assaraf, who you may recognize from the hit movie The Secret, and 4 of the world’s top neuroscientists and brain experts who are gathering to teach you how to apply the right brain training methodologies and technologies in the right way… so you can replace limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck.

They’ll teach you how to get your brain in coherence with your lifestyle goals…and keep you there! No more yoyo-ing around and starting and stopping your success.

Reserve your place for this incredible free live video web cast,later today, Saturday November 9th …

You’re sure to learn some fascinating things about how your brain works, as John is absolutely passionate about this and has brought together four experts in the field.

Let me know what you liked best after you watch it!

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