What’s holding you back?

Do you often feel that you get just so far with a new project or a great new idea, and then something stops you?

It could be you just holding back from an unknown step because you feel unsure, or it may be too much of a stretch. You’d like to push through it and just DO it, like the ad says, but something stops you.

In meditation the other day I was focusing on helping that scared little “I’m-not-good-enough-Aline” to feel the love and be able to step into her strength and power. I waited, arms open wide, for her to make the move.

It occurred to me that the cords that connect these other parts of ourselves to us (to our heart) are part of what is keeping us feeling stuck.

The idea of the cords is not new – the cutting of cords – these ties that bind us – is a well-known part of many personal and spiritual growth practices.

In my meditation I saw them in a dynamic way, as something that physically holds us down – not so much the energy drain, although that is also part of it.

gulliver in lilliput

Inspired by a reading from another teacher, which was encouraging us to soar, stand at the peak of a mountain and take that leap of faith into the unknown, I had a vision of wanting to do this, to step fully into my strength and walk my path to purpose, but the thing that was holding me back was all those parts of me, like the “I’m-not-good-enough-Aline”, attached by cords to my heart, so I was only able to rise a little bit and was then pulled back down.

An illustration from Gullliver’s Travels came to mind. When he comes round from being shipwrecked, he finds himself in Liliput, the land of the tiny people, and they have immobilised him by tying him down with hundreds of tiny strings.

Our limiting beliefs immobilise us in much the same way. Until we deal with them, shine the light of understanding and acceptance on them and reintegrate each part of our self, these limiting beliefs will keep pulling us back down and taking our energy away.

So, in your meditation, ask to be shown what parts of you are holding you back. Begin in your heart, follow the cords and see where they take you and which part of you is at the end. You can then begin to dialogue with that part and find out what you need to do to be able to fully reintegrate it into your heart and move forward.

If you would like some help on how to do this, just go here and drop me a quick message. I promise I’ll get straight back to you.


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