A couple of months ago I was helping a friend with an online event by interviewing speakers. Most of them were people from the world of personal development I had already interviewed as part of my summits, but I also volunteered to contact and interview some of the other names on the list as this was to be a very big event, with over 100 speakers.

So I messaged this guy called Brian Ridgway of Level 5 Mentoring and I checked out a couple of the videos on his G+ page.

Brian Ridgway headshot

I was hooked.

Here was such a refreshingly authentic person speaking so passionately and articulately about what he sees as the main reason we get stuck by our beliefs, whether these are beliefs about money, health conditions, relationships. Not only this, he explained the ways most of us have been trying to change through participation in  programs or other well-known personal growth practices. I identified immediately with what he was saying and it really gave me food for thought. I couldn’t wait to speak to him.

As we were setting up the presentation and talking about the details, Brian picked up on something personal I said and asked me a few questions, including would I like to feel differently about that issue? Erm, yeah! So we did what he later referred to as a “mini-unsticking” (I learned he now calls these Spellbreaks – it describes them perfectly!) which had me in tears and then almost helpless with giggles in the space of a few minutes. That was definitely the energy moving.

Brian’s teaching takes as its starting point (what we now know to be absolutely true through the teachings of quantum physics)  the concept of the universe as an infinite, limitless sea of energy. If the universe is energy, so are we…

Back to my first Spellbreak – it was a very profound experience, meditative and yet totally physical. I felt things shift on a visceral level. So I joined Brian’s Conscious Creator‘s program and have witnessed miraculous changes every week. I have experienced true transformation at a level I’d never been to before. And the most wonderful thing is how totally aligned it is to the Five Steps to Aligning with Your Purpose! Level 5 Mentoring is all about shifting your core paradigm and by doing that, everything changes and you consciously create your life and live it as the physical manifestation of your higher self.

Prosperity Power cover

Brian has just released his first book, Prosperity Power: Guide to Total Personal and Financial Freedom For Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers. For a limited time you can pre-order it at a ridiculous discount by CLICKING HERE  and get access to Brian’s series of free videos, Business Success and Beyond.

You can thank me later!

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