We meditate. What’s more, we meditate daily, usually first thing in the morning and our meditation forms part of a daily practice.

Meditation isn’t a newly discovered technique, although it’s fair to say it has recently undergone a massive revival and renewal of interest. There have been so many studies which have documented the benefits, I won’t go into them here – there’s a really great infographic by Emma Seppala PhD you can download from the resources section of this site which goes into the benefits in detail.


But today I wanted to focus more on the idea of a daily practice, as I have recently come across a 21st century incarnation of a very ancient daily practice which has been credited with all of the benefits of  meditation and yoga and  is now easily accessible in an online workshop as well as a newly-published book, The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop – Tone Your Body & Transform Your Life, by Susan L. Westbrook, PhD.


Above this is a short video to explain The Five Tibetans Online Workshop, which is currently taking place on Google Hangouts. There’s a link at the bottom of this page where you can register.


As you can see, the 5 Tibetans Yoga Workshop combines five yoga-like poses, with interspersed rest poses, so you have the physical aspect of a daily practice. Each pose is also associated with a particular chakra, has its own mantra and is linked to certain human behaviours, grouped together as “grasping” and “healing” behaviours.


In a short 30 minutes, with practice, this simple routine of repeating the five poses and meditating on the mantras, gives your day a grounded focus. I have found it truly transformational and I highly recommend it to you.



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