How heavy and dense is your world? Do you have days when you feel slow and lethargic? By connecting with your Higher Self or inner guidance, you can begin to access higher realms of consciousness which feel lighter, more buoyant, more joyful. So why are so many of you stuck in lower dimensional frequencies?

In the following article by Susan, creator of, you will find answers to these questions…and more questions!

The Incredible Joy of Multidimensionality

People are waking up and getting to know that we are multidimensional beings.
But in the beginning at least, the higher dimensional experiences tend to
come and go. Why is that? And how might we become multidimensional the whole
time? For me, it’s about realising that the bodymind tends to interpret higher
dimensional experiences in an earthly way. And since the vibration of the
bodymind is quite dense – very loud – then the experiences get mixed together
and the higher senses get drowned out. Since reality is created by what you’re
able to bring your attention to, then the expanded sense is
contracted down. How might we expand back out again?…


Be the Observer of Yourself

 Being the Observer of Yourself

Firstly the energetic matrix in which we live seems perfectly configured exactly to contract us down. Or else to push the higher self out of the body so we can’t sense it. Engrossment in the physical, mental distraction and emotional over stimulation generate lower dimensional frequencies which people all too easily attune to, even without knowing it.

The key is to begin to test these experiences in every moment.
To ask if they serve? Who are you really?…



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