5STEPSWK7The Five Steps to Aligning With Your Purpose

The Five Steps have evolved out of my telesummit interviews with expert speakers from around the world. They are:

  • 1. Go Within and Connect with your Higher Self.
  • 2. Believe Change is Possible; Allow Yourself to Dream.
  • 3. Find your Passion and Purpose.
  • 4. Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs and Blocks.
  • 5. Into Action! Begin Walking the Path.

Twenty-eight wonderful speakers from the worlds of personal development and online entrepreneurship, including coaches, healers, spiritual leaders, transformational entrepreneurs and evolutionary astrologers.

For this summit, each speaker chose to focus on just one of the Five Steps, so we had many different perspectives and got to hear at least four or five different takes on each of the Five Steps.

The summit is now over, but you will soon be able to access all the gems of information in the upcoming Virtual Workshops.

In the meantime why not join the Path to Purpose membership site? Click here for more details and to start your 7 day free trial!

I hope you have some “Aha!” moments that will help you –

“Get Clear Why You’re Here!”



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